Stampin Rewards

FullSizeRenderGet Rewarded!

  • Either buy in bulk,

  • Host an event of your choice (local or on Facebook), or

  • Join my in-person Club (held in SLC, Utah)


This is a phenomenal way to save money, who doesn’t like to get product for FREE?!



  • In any of the above ways, achieve an order that totals $150 or more.  For example, if you spend or sell $300 you get $36 in Free Product in any of the current Stampin’ Up Catalogs, this includes the HOST stamps as seen in the back of each catalog. In some cases, this is the only way to get HOST stamp sets.
  • Purchasing or selling $450 at a class earns you $63 FREE product of your choice… and… get an item half price.  Meaning you pay for only 50% of the cost, plus shipping.  The Big Shot is a great item to use on a qualifying purchase of $450 or above.
  • If you choose to host an event, be sure to invite as many people as possible.  Always give the person the right to decide if they are interested.  You’ll be surprised who turns up! If your sells, including your own purchase, equal $150 or more… Way to go… you just get at least $15 FREE product.  This can only be used on the same qualifying order… unfortunately it can’t be saved and redeemed later.
  • If you live locally and have joined my in-person club (doesn’t apply to my online club)… we combine everyone’s minimum order amount (usually $20 or less) to make $150 as a whole, depending on the number of club members. Each person in the club is allowed a chance to get those FREE rewards at least once! Easy way to save and slowly build your supplies, I might say!
  • You may go over the $15 free product, please note you will pay for the overage, unless you have achieved a higher $ amt in rewards. Let’s say you choose product that’s $16.50… you will pay for $1.50 you went over.  You will also pay shipping and tax on that little amount you go over.
  • Find ways to use this great incentive… it’s saved me considerable amount of money!