Live your Passion!


What’s your passion?

When you woke up this morning what was your first thought?

Ready to laugh at mine? It may make you want to pee your pants!

  • Being 9 months pregnant, I jolted out of a deep sleep and ran to the bathroom, thinking “hurry don’t pee my pants”.  Hilarious huh? Sadly, this is common for me these days! It’s funny how easy it is to float through a busy day with little thought… but what if there’s more? Do you believe in the power of the mind, like the idea that you can do anything you put your mind to? I sure do! I think that what we think, what we entertain, & what passions we aspire to drive our actions and help us succeed. So while we must survive & especially not pee the bed, what if we added a bit more substance or meaning to our lives. What if you had a clear and defined view of what you really wanted?


“Do you believe in the power of our minds? You can do anything you put your mind to? I believe that’s true. What we think and entertain & what passions we aspire drive our actions to succeed.”

  • To learn our passions, start by soul searching.  What drives you to live? We’ve heard all kinds of motivational phrases all our lives, “live your dream”, “Live Laugh Love”, “Wish upon a Star” or “Just Do it”. These are great, but first we need to know what our passion is. This will change often just as life changes. What makes you feel alive? Here’s how I better understand my passion. I do this exercise often. Close your eyes, take a second to relax, let your shoulders just sink, clear your mind, and ask yourself what is the most important desire or passion in your life. Once it comes and it sure will… write it down.  It may not make sense at first, take time to understand it.  It may be one huge, central drive or many little steps. It doesn’t matter just write it down and take time to absorb it.


  • Now here’s the challenge, making your hope and desire into something real.  Let it grow! Having a goal always improves my life. In fact, the only reason I am writing this blog is because I made my goals for the day and chose which was most important to me. It felt important to write this. Think of some simple goals, write them down, think about them often.  This will give your life more direction than simple waking up & running to the bathroom! You CAN do it! There’s no limit.


  • I want to step outside my comfort zone and be brave today!  I will share one of my most inner passions with you!  It’s not simple or straight forward and I imagine I have more to learn about it, but it feels substantial to me. It is broad, so please be patient with me as I discover and break it down. While I was relaxed and clear this vivid thought came to me… “Add color to the world.” What is silly sands does that mean?!
  • The name I chose for my Stampin’ Up! business is Color Me Crazy. There’s a reason I chose to use the word “Color” in my name. To me, color means depth, vibrancy, fun, meaning, hope, healing, and individuality.  You know that really good book and now movie THE GIVER? I love it! It shows that life and even meaning is lost without color. In the story, color represents what made life worth living, both good and bad. It added diversity and joy. It allowed people and even objects to become independently brilliant.


  • Back to what drives me, individuality. Yes, we are all like colors that are meant to stand apart but compliment one another. Without all the colors the world would be bland, boring, basic, and even without progression. OH MY, that’s not cool! I assume that to color the world I must know who I am and be true to that. This means I should develop myself, even love who I am, and be willing to show this to the world in small ways, everyday. I can spread inspiration and hope, add depth and fun, vibrance and healing just by being my best self. No doubt I studied how to heal others as a nurse for 8 years and now I teach others how to create and grow confidence by learning to paper craft. But overall, one of my deepest passions is to raise a family, so each child will have confidence in who they are, be themselves and give to the world.


  • “Make the World a Better Place”, that’s a wonderful song that illustrates my main goal in life.  I want to add to it. Could I make a difference in my own way? YES!  I often think, there’s already so much color in the world, does it need me? YES! There’s only one of each of us, we are our own color. Do you think you make a difference? You do– you add to the world, if you chose to. You are important. I promise this does not need to be profound.  I think it’s just knowing who you are, what drives you and being determined to do a little good each day.  Take time in your life to figure out how to really live and “Just Do it”! You are full of good to share with others. Your thoughts, talents, gifts and passions will color your world and those around you. Are you ready to really LIVE! So am I… I want to add more to this beautiful world of color, no matter how simple it may be!


  • I hope my thoughts were uplifting and helpful.  I sure feel more clear and more motivated.  Please leave me comments on my FB page. CLICK HERE to do so!  Thanks for taking the time to read this and respond. I appreciate you all!








Post-surgery update!

Time for an UPDATE!

I am doing amazing after my Lower Back, Spinal Fusion.

To fill you all in, I had emergency surgery at 12 weeks pregnant.

Since that time, we’ve found out our baby’s GENDER!

Want to know?!

Here’s how we revealed it!




A gorgeous layered cake, what’s inside?


The cake was divine. Thanks Abbey, our masterful baker!


Each guest put their bet on the gender board,

so the excitement in the room thickened as we cut the cake!



Can you spot the color of the cake yet?!

Keep looking!




See how beautiful this cake is!


We took a family photo to remember this moment.

(I didn’t plan wearing pink and my hubby wearing blue but odd enough that was our guesses!)

We wanted to have a boy and a girl, so we are overjoyed!!!

I had a strong feeling this baby was a girl!  I have had way more nausea, the babies sitting higher in my belly and

I’ve had completely different cravings. Instead of meat, I want oranges!


Being a card designer, I made a card about this cute baby jumping into our lives.

I will use it for a baby shower I am throwing with a good friend! You may get one in the mail!

Our baby girl is due mid-June (be prepared for minimal blogging in June!).


Her name will be SARELL– after Sara! 

It’s the name of my dear grandmother and my middle name!


So now you’ve been on our exciting journey of discovering our baby girl’s gender! It’s been a dream, just like my card implies!

If you are still reading, I’d like to share my recent surgery story. I’ve been asked to share updates. I will not disappoint!

As you may know, I’ve struggled with some scary symptoms in my legs, hips and back for sometime. My legs and feet would go numb, tingle, and grow weak. My hips hurt and my spine would curve in odd ways. My back had become stiff and spasmed often. My legs were my most persistent problem. I often could barely move them & I’d find myself confined to bed consistently. One night, I ran from bed at the sweet sound of my son knocking on our door, as I ran, my legs just stopped moving mid-air and I collapsed to the floor.  Embarrassing! This is when I decided it was time to get serious.  No more kindly suggesting I had a problem with my back and legs, I needed to be seen by the right doctors. Some suggested I could have a serious progressive disease, SCARY!  In fact, the first test done was a MRI of my brain for Multiple Sclerosis.  This process started about a year before we got pregnant.  It took so long to get into a neurologist that I was PREGGERS and they didn’t want to do the MRI of my spine. “WHY COULDN’T A DR. HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE?!” I admittedly screamed in my head often!

“Hope is on the horizon!”


Haha… I laugh at the process now!  In the end, it all worked out, but at the time, it tested my patience!  I faithfully did PT for 3 1/2 weeks and the sciatica pain only worsened… when I say worsened, I mean it was unbearable, the worst pain I have ever felt. I pride myself in my excellent pain tolerance and I’ve had several injuries and health struggles but this…. this was a whole new MONSTER of pain! It burned, it felt like my joints and muscles were being torn from the bone. I could not sit, stand, lay or walk for long.  I had to consistently change positions… what did this mean?! The pregnant lady was getting nearly zero sleep and was starting to go crazy!  I have run half marathons and raced my guts out (not literally, but close)!  This was like running at full sprint for a marathon.  I was exhausted and it burned!  Every doctor told me to go to the ER, so what did I do? I went to the ER… long story short, I got an MRI, they found a MONSTER herniated disc on my L4-L5 spine.  Yep, it all makes sense!  They operated the next day because my nerve was under immense stress from the herniation.  The hope was to avoid permanent nerve damage.  While in surgery, they discovered it was even worse!  My ligaments were torn from my vertebrae in one spot, this meant my bone was sliding around and I imagine it pinched on that nerve, who knows  how long!  CRAZY!  So no MS, no more pain and I am healing beautifullyI feel so blessed.  My foot and leg are almost back to full functioning and the feeling is almost normal.  MIRACLES!  I now see how being patient and thinking positive can help any situation. It didn’t make it go by faster, but it’s nice to know there was an end.  I’m not sure what trials you face, but please keep going. Don’t give up!  I believe it always gets better.  There will be bits of heaven to help you out and hope is on the horizon. It’s been over 10 years of this trial for me, I am so happy to see it ending! Please share your stories and thoughts on my Facebook site, Color Me Crazy, I sure appreciate you all and thanks for visiting!


















  Best Buds, Conner and his Cousin Jack! 


What would we do without some amazing friends? 

Friendship brings support, fun, purpose, strength, and charity to our lives!  I couldn’t help myself, I had to share these adorable photos of my son, Conner and his older Cousin, Jack.  Look at their body language, Conner sits near his friend as they explore the lake.  The next photo shows them almost holding hands as they walk side by side. These two are best buds. You can tell they like to be together! It’s hilarious to watch them interact.  Children are such good examples of what true friendship should be about, it’s not elaborate, it’s not based on what the other kid is wearing, it’s simple, or maybe depends on the toy they are holding!! LOL!  When I see young children form bonds, I see them protect and care for one another,  laugh and play together and teach each other.

In fact, I watched these two interact at a family dinner, recently.  We were outside on a two story, high balcony.  Jack being a bit older is Conner’s protector!  Conner, being a daredevil, tried to climb the railing and Jack ran over with adult-like concern, a crinkled nose and a stern voice and says “No, Conner, it’s not safe!” Conner reluctantly looked at Jack and climbed down to the ground safety.  Jack looked pleased with himself since he knew he helped Conner, and rightly so… he showed care, concern and love for his friend!  I was never fearful in this situation, but I sure laughed a ton, on the inside!! How cute! It’s amazing to see someone help and care for another person.  I feel it’s so important to look outside ourselves to see how we can help others.

When we look out for someone else we lend healing to them and ourselves. We grow! Try to find ways to help each other out, we are all struggling in some way.


My Best Friends!


I’ve had countless friends, some have stayed forever and some have come and gone, but each one has made a mark on me.  With some friends I couldn’t stop belly laughing, even so hard I was rolling on the floor, other friends have given me strength and lent an sincere ear.  Others have inspired me to be better.  Some simply said a kind word in just the right moment.  All of my friends have touched me.  Look for the ways people lend you friendship and thank them!  Once you notice what others do for you daily, you will be set-up to become an even better friend yourself.  I don’t believe we were meant to suffer alone, we are meant to heal, uplift, and enjoy each others company.


Don’t suffer alone.  People have and will be planted into our lives, notice them, thank them and strive to love them back! These are our friends. That is what matters.


May you find the simple and pure friendship that we see our Children so easy form.  I hope it brings you peace to know we are meant to help one another.  I am grateful for all my dear friends, if you are one, thank you!  A huge goal in my life is to be better each day.  Looking out for others, such as saying a kind word or giving a well deserved hug will make a difference and will make you stronger! 

Thank you for listening and allowing me to express my opinion!  Do you have any great comments, please leave them here or on my FaceBook page, Color me Crazy!




My Favorite Fall Photos!


Favorite Fall Family Photos- 2016!


WOW! That’s mouthful! 


I can’t get enough of this cutie!


Conner gets to see the chickens!


…and ride a tractor!


…and ride in a Wheel barrow, thanks dad for the push!


…and pick out a PUMPKIN, currently his favorite word!


… and slide down a slide!  Oh my, pumpkin pie!


I love them so much!!! 


We drove to the Mountains for some FALL colors!  GORGEOUS… the whole thing!


Conner loves his Grandparents!


Family photo! Silly Conner!


The END, that’s a wrap! Come back for more fun!



Marvel at your life!



I love that word!

Love defines true happiness and defies all darkness.

  It strengthens and uplifts.  It’s encouraging. It enlivens and refreshes!0075-3

To love we must accept weakness, hope for the best, and share our gifts. It’s not easy to truly love, but it’s rewarding!


What does love mean to you? 

Please leave some comments for me either here or on my Facebook Color Me Crazy.

0035-2I love sunsets, sand between my toes, the smell of the rain. I especially love to run and feel free!  I love the summer and the sun!  My husband is my true love and loving my son has been a whole new depth of love.  I love so much… today I will talk about my weakness in love– loving myself.  I do love myself in theory, like I know I have purpose, talents, and accomplishments. I just find myself being my own worst critic.  Why are we sometimes so harsh on ourselves?  I always want to reach the top level… I miss the fact that I’ve already reached so high and grown so far. Can I share a quote my new friend Becky Ray shared on Facebook?  This quote made me stop dead in my tracks, so to speak and I felt it in my heart.

“You’re so hard on yourself. Take a moment. Sit Back. Marvel at your life: at the grief that softened you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthened you. Despite everything, you still grow. Be proud of this!”

What grief has softened you?  The grief of losing a loved one, the heartache of illness, job loss, divorce, abuse, etc.? We can all relate to this quote for we all have felt defeat, loss, and suffering. Let me share my story with you!

IMG_0315I currently face a chronic illness, diagnosed at age 16. So for 18 years I have been struggling with health issues that have slowly intensified. For example, the fun photo of me and my sister-in-law running the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon was a blast.  I ran a decent time and enjoyed it! I felt full of energy and life. I had the classic runner’s high!  I even ran back a mile or so to cheer on some other runners after finishing and we all hiked Bryce Canyon afterwards! But this picture doesn’t tell the whole story.  The night before the race I had a long, hard, and exhausting asthma attack from the strong laundry detergent in the hotel room. Somehow it triggered me and I slipped into full blown attack, gasping for air.  I was forced to sleep in the front of the car with my dear husband.  I was up most of the night taking several breathing treatments and praying for the attack to lighten.  I was on the verge of going to the ER as I could hardly think clearly anymore. My eyes closed shut due to a lack of energy to keep them open. My sweet husband Dan supported me, even carried me to the car, set up my treatment, and encouraged me all night.  I woke after 2 hours of rest determined to race… and I did!!! It was a defining and special moment for me.  I proved to myself that the illness did not own me. I could still overcome it!

I have many stories like this one. To give you the full picture, I ran track at a Collegiate level for four years. I was in such good shape, I hardly got fatigued, I ran up the stairs full of energy, I set records, both personal and professional. I traveled and ran at many new and exciting places! I met some of my greatest friends who have inspired me with their heart and strength to run harder. In fact, a dear friend of mine just ran in the Olympic trials even while battling a huge personal trial.  She ran hard… I am so proud of her! Running Track and Cross Country was a fun and fulfilling phase in my life. I achieved a lot and I loved it! I was once nominated by my college coaches as the most inspirational runner for finishing workouts alone after the attack passed. I ran through the attacks until one day, I no longer could.  My body simply would not allow it. Slowly, I begun to tell myself I was weak. I lied to myself that I had given up or somehow had done something to get this sick.  I thought I had decided to be ill or somehow willed it… this is not true.  The truth was, I could not fight it physically even if I tried. I was ill, and while I believe in the power to be healed, I could not change it.  I could only have faith, and fight it emotionally.

Since that race I have pulled back from my passion to run, although I still walk!  The illness intensified, so I responded. I thank my past for the strength and insight it’s lent me. I do however feel like I should be stronger. Since I out ran my illness for so long… I feel disappointed I let it catch up to me.  I struggle to get back to running, for more reasons than just asthma. Each time I try, I crash, my legs often get heavy and numb after, the fatigue hits with full force, and the asthma episodes increase. I almost can predict the outcome now when I run. It’s become a mental as well as physical barrier now. I feel weak, because I use to run a mile in less than 5 mins and now I struggle with courage to endure. I was convinced that I was not enduring my trials as well as I have previously done. The battle carried on, & I wondered if I have lost. I use to have heart, strength, will power, training, and pain tolerance that got me through. I once believed in myself to overcome anything. I still do believe, It just feels exhausting and I wonder when it will end. I liken it to the last stretch of a marathon, it feels never-ending, long and tiring. Where is the finish line?  I don’t know any runner who has not felt this before!  Like finishing those hard, long races, I feel I should will away my illness and make it disappear. I should be strong enough to be healed.  Have you felt similar emotions?


While those thoughts made their presence, they are not true.  I still have the courage, faith, and heart to overcome.  Without knowing it I’ve trained against monumental barriers and it’s made me stronger, like a small tree growing from a consistently harsh wind. The tree may feel weak, wonder how long it must suffer, and wonder if it can succeed, all the while it has grown into something rooted with strength, determination, and longevity. We are, perhaps stronger than we think we are!  Could this be true?! Could I be the same girl who weathered all those attacks, raced those impossible races and be even stronger today than yesterday? I may not see it, because I am not racing, but who says I haven’t been rooted in stronger soil?! I am full of faith and courage… I am a runner at heart and I will never lose hope to race again! And when I do it will feel DANG good!!!

I am proud of my growth. Although I no longer have a tangible race I am winning, I am enduring this war of endurance and showing my courage. I will not quit!  I don’t need to be a collegiate athlete to know I am strong, to know I am good, to know I am not flawed. I am proud of myself.  The more often I tell myself this and believe in myself, the stronger my willpower becomes. I marvel in my life! I marvel in my trials. My love of self is growing and I will be ready to love deeper and fuller!

Love yourself!

You are not flawed

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt!

Learn to think positive and uplifting thoughts about yourself.

You can have more power and share more love by learning to love yourself more deeply!


Me and my sister Rachelle smelling the flowers!

You’ve overcome more than you know! 


Here’s a favorite scripture of mine to give you courage! It’s in the New Testament, John 14:27. Christ speaks about comfort and peace.

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.  let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”





























Conner-Excited at Park

Excited! Dan-ContentHappy!

Dan & I- In LoveIn love!


What is their purpose?

Are they good or bad?

While I don’t have all the answers, I’d like to share a current experience and my personal knowledge with you.  This experience isn’t necessarily happy but it is real. It takes courage to share and I do so with the intention of helping to inspire you.  After many trials, I have learned to be more open. Our lives are full of happy, fun, and amazing blessings but life also offers pain, fear, and struggles. All of these emotions have their place.  I’d like to share my emotional experience… here it goes…

Conner-Suprised“It was my 5th day stuck in bed. I had permanently indented the mattress below me! My lungs ached as the muscles worked double to usher air in and out.  My chest rose painfully with every breath. I yearned for some true rest.  My legs were heavy. They constantly reminded me they were still there as I felt an odd tingle that I had only begun to be acquainted with.

I’ve included pictures meant to make you smile! The emotion in the first photo is surprise, second sadness, and last embarrassment.

I knew if I attempted to stand, as I so badly needed to, my legs would shake, shutter and bring me towering to the ground.  This alone would start a train reaction.  The exertion and effort of standing would force my lungs to panic and quickly close, starting another horrible asthma attack.  Then my thoughts turned to fears– would this lead me to the ER? Could I get help quick enough? So I forced myself to sit still and concentrate on breathing.

Conner-SadMy mind was slow from the work and distress placed on my body, yet my mind flooded with busy thoughts of survival.  How can I make it through this again? I can’t do this anymore. How can I feel better, I would think to myself. To survive emotionally, I sorted through my thoughts to find which were helpful verse those that needed to be discarded. I needed hope.

To put it simply, I was tired.  Tried of restrictions.  Tired of feeling numb, especially in my legs. Tired of trying to stay happy even though I was consumed with doubts, fears and sadness.  Tired of relying on others for my daily needs. Tired of monitoring and controlling my breathing.  Tired of taking medicine that never helped and so very tired of waiting in Doctor Offices knowing the result, they’d try to treat my asthma with the same damaging methods and refer me to a specialist only to have that specialist refer me to another.  I have been at the other side of guesses, trials and diagnoses with no real cures as of yet.  I felt lost, scared and hopeless.”

It’s healthy to express our emotions… it isn’t weakness because they allow us to cope and connect with one another!

Why do I share this singular experience with you today?  Because it’s healing.  It’s healthy to express your emotions.  Emotions are a part of us and a part of life.  They are not weakness, they allow us to cope and connect with one another.  I know there are so many people in this world that have similar emotions and don’t release them.  They hold on, thinking it’s a noble thing (just as I often have!)… those emotions weren’t meant to be held onto.  They are meant to be felt, used to make us stronger, and discarded or shared with those we love.

Conner-Embarrassing pants down!We are to be transformed by our hardships and accompanying emotions. Let them do their job by using them to mold or shape us into better people.  In my opinion, emotions are neither good nor bad. They have a purpose… to be felt, understood, and to be used as a refiner.  We need to have patience with ourselves and our human emotions. They are normal and a part of life. I say all this to help you and myself overcome these hard emotions, as I am very much human.  I have a need to grow and learn from each new experience, just as anyone does. Emotions are real, they can’t be ignored or wished away… but they can be felt, registered, understood or discarded.  They will leave their effect, we can choose if that effect is helpful or damaging.  Do we change fear into lasting anger or change it to hope and understanding.  This is not meant to be an easy or quick process. For me, this will be a lifelong pursuit. I am up for the challenge!!!

Emotions are neither good nor bad… they have purpose. Let them shape us into better people!

I have faith and hope that the destructive and hard moments in our lives have a time and place.  There’s an end to all trials.  Believing is not seeing… you’ve heard that phrase. It’s a simple aspect of faith, it is courage to proceed without knowing the result.  Think of all those who have inspired you… in books, movies, history, etc… they continued on with some form of hope, faith or courage even though they did not know the result. That in itself is a miracle.  In the trials you face, believe and keep going.  Despair, fear, anger, and hopeless will be there… will you see them for what they are and move forward?  I hope so.  As for me, I promise to try and try again!  I will always look for hope and joy in the face of hardship, even if it’s only after I feel the despair.Silly

Thank you for listening to my simple story and outlook.  I hope to grow and learn more!  Please feel free to leave any comments, as I would love to hear from you.  You may leave these comments on my Face Book Business page, Thanks again!

Feeling SILLY!




Dan-happyI dedicate this to my love and number one supporter, my Husband, Dan Williams.  You mean the world to me. Thank you for a supportive ear, great hugs, and many years of fun to come.  I am a lucky gal! Love you always!




























The grass is green, the trees have blossomed and the flowers are magnificent! Spring has come and growth has followed. Now in summer, we get t0 enjoy lots of green. I love to smell the freshness in the air, see the beauty of each crisp leaf, and really take it all in.  Summer is my favorite, but symbolically Spring holds the most awe-inspiring hidden treasures. It’s a symbol of renewal!

I am drawn to nature, both outside and in my stamping.  I love the sight of cherry blossoms, they are stunning in their white or pink contrast against the dirt, branches, and sky!  I love the deep vibrant green that reminds me that all wounds can heal, to become new.  I want to talk about hope and healing today!

Are you like me, and sometimes your days just blur? In any given moment, you realize you are surrounded by a deep fog of T0-Do Lists? There’s so many things to do… so little time.  It’s easy to see the list of things to be done and not list all the beauty that surrounds us. In the same way, isn’t it far to easy to see the imperfections of those we love, instead of their amazing qualities. It’s natural to get lost in our lives.

“I am beginning to understand, that what we seek in life, we will find. Do you look for hope and love?”

Blossoms- blue sky

I am beginning to understand, that what we seek in life, we will find. Do you look for imperfections or do we stop and sincerely smell the roses?!  I will take this moment to smell the roses! To have hope, to wish for something more, to really heal.  I don’t need anything profound, although it may sound like this as you read!!

I want to choose beauty, see the best in others, take time to do what matters, and to heal!

I had many opportunities to heal in various ways… physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. All healing is hard.  It takes time and patience.  Sometimes, I don’t allow myself much of either of those!

Flower Shiloutte-sunset CALI (1)

I have a chronic illness that I deal with daily.  I get easily worn and need to pace myself. To find the perfect balance of rest and stretching, has proven difficult. I need help often, this can be humbling! I have a 2 year old son who I love dearly! I have needed help to attend to his needs, as my own were diminished. For anyone who has a chronic illness, you know what it is to lean on someone consistently and to wake up each day knowing what you face. I either have hope or despair.  Both of these emotions are very normal in all of our lives, however; which do we allow to grow within us and which do we just let fade away?  This is where I have learned to consciously choose hope!  To let the despair and tears fall and pick myself up. This is one reason I am inspired so much by nature. It naturally runs it’s course.  What a fabulous teacher!  It lives vibrantly… full of life, then it’s begins to decay, it then hibernates in the cold, and later it springs back to life. It is truly an example of hope and growth.

“Choose hope today… let life run it’s course… but choose to believe that there IS LIGHT and HAPPINESS through the trials you face.”

My plea for you today is– Choose hope today… let life run it’s course… but choose to believe that there is light and happiness through the trials you face. You can do it! The hard times will make you stronger.  This is a daily lesson for me!  Thank you for letting me express it. Please leave any comments you have about the topic.  I will further cover all types of healing in my later posts.  Have a wonderful week!

Easter Card

I am behind on posting my Easter Card,

but I want to share it anyways! Enjoy!


My Beginning…

Welcome Back!

I am excited to show you my beginning as a Stampin Up Crafter!  We all start somewhere, right?!

I want you to feel confident to just begin… add the first building blocks one at a time.  There’s no reason to feel like you need to be a pro from the start.  Simply decide to have the courage to jump in, get your hands inked and have fun discovering something new! All it takes is one act of progression at a time. Here’s a wonderful quote by Vincent Van Gogh, you may have heard of him! It motivated me to start simple:

Great Things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.

My neighbor introduced me to Stampin Up… I was intrigued by it… even fascinated and curious.  So I decided to watch several YouTube Videos from other Demonstrators to learn.  I watched Brandy Cox, Dawn Griffith, and looked at the Artisan Blogs… one of my favorites is Nutmeg Creations and Stampin Dolce.  All of these amazing Stampers helped me learn and build my confidence. I appreciate the kind and caring culture Stampin Up offers.  Many of us just want to help each other learn and grow. Please email me your work… I’d love to cheer you on!

So, without further ado… here’s some of my first projects stamping! I will show my beginning down to my current work to illustrate the growth that occurs as we take courage, bit by bit to learn.


My first creations! Aug 28th, 2013


First birthday card! Wow!


I made this handwoven jewelry & designed the matching box. April 10th, 2014

IMG_5686 IMG_6059

One of my favorite types of cards to make–Baby Shower! May 20th, 2014


Welcome to the neighborhood card. Such a fun card to make and color. Aug 27th, 2014


A birthday card to a friend, one of my favorites. Sept 26th, 2014


A Christmas card to my special husband.  Dec, 25th 2014


My first card class… taught the Bokeh technique. June 17th, 2015

DSC_7709 DSC_4420 DSC_3843

My second class… called “Emboss Away”. Such a blast to make these gorgeous cards! June 20th, 2015


This class was all about butterflys, which is cut using the BigShot Machine.  July 7th, 2015


Gift Wrapping Class. This flower is so easy to make! Sept 18th, 2015


This is another personal Favorite… designed by Anghela Jensen.



I had a blast designing these fun cards. I made 39 copies of the rose card for a group swap. Feb 20th, 2016

DSC_7804 DSC_7769

I recently started a new class style, card buffet.  It’s fast & full of choices! March 24th, 2016

I am inspired to see that my crafting and photography skills keep blossoming. We all can keep learning more. I want to help you achieve and have a blast at the same time!  You will do it.

I can’t believe I have been stamping for about 3-1/2 years now and I love it!  I recently heard someone say that Stampin Up and paper crafting is cheaper than paying for therapy… I laughed out loud and than thought, that’s how I feel. Creating has been so relaxing and rewarding for me. Being able to design something new & giving someone a handmade, heart-felt gift, is so rewarding. Do you remember a time when someone touched you with a home made gift? These simple acts of kindness matter to each of us. My hope is that we will do these little things for one another more often.  It’s meant a lot to me when someone has done a basic, yet sincere act of charity for me!

At a recent Conference for Stampin up, I heard a simple yet substantial quote. This quote instantly came alive as I read it… It rang true in my heart as I searched to see how pivotal crafting has become in my life.

Now more than ever, people need to do more of what makes them happy.  And I truly believe that everyone needs a creative outlet.

-Winoha Semler, Canada

Find your creative outlet and if it so happens to be Stamping, like it is for me, please come back to see my posts.  I will even have video tutorials, class kits you can buy and make at home, and I hope to have a positive influence on your day, weather it is small or not!  Thanks for supporting me. I ‘d love to hear from you… send an email!

See you in my next post.

Welcome- My Introduction



My name is Tricia Sarell Williams. I am a 33 year old who can’t wait to share my life and passion with you! Let’s get started.

This blog serves two purposes:  to share my story with you. Such as, who I am and what I have experienced and learned from; and second, share my love for stamping & paper crafting. I am an Independent Demonstrator for Stampin Up. I love it! I get to create, teach and meet new people for my job! How amazing is that? I think it’s pretty cool!


This is my College Cross Country photo, 2006.

Where I’ve been:

  • I was born in Aurora, Colorado and raised in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
  • When I was 18, I moved to Utah & attended College full time, I studied nursing. I also run at a Collegiate level for four years.
  • I served a mission for my church for 1 1/2 years in Chile. While there, I traveled and explored much of the beautiful, welcoming and down-to-earth culture; however, don’t ask me to speak fluent Spanish, It’s broken now!

2015-50190-33    My family in 2015

What I’ve done:

  • I was a gymnast, snow boarder, wake boarder and runner.
  • My first job was life guarding, although I could swim and was strong, I had a hard time swimming in a straight line!
  • I was in advanced placement art classes and sold many of my paintings.
  • I was a registered Nurse for many years. I worked in the Operating Room of a major Trauma Hospital in Utah.
  • I was in an abusive marriage for 3 years.
  • I remarried the most amazing gentleman, who has shaped my view of a happy, healthy and true love.
  • I am a lucky mother of a courageous and happy, almost 2 year old, son.
  • I have been diagnosed with Asthma, Food Intolerance’s and Chronic Fatigue.

DSC_0540My son’s first trip to Newport Beach, 2015.

What Inspires me:

  • Growth and progression.  I have been challenged in my life more than I thought possible, at the time, but I love to look back and see the transformation and deep growth that occurs when a person decides to fight and go to work! I love to hear stories where someone is faced with their hardest moment, and yet chooses to believe, often times with a smile! Not saying it was easy for them, but they kept going.
  • I love color… I love designing and creating.  I love taking an idea that’s messy and unformed, and allowing it time to grow into something fresh and inspiring… to me! I often think of this much like a caterpillar turning into a majestic, beautiful butterfly, full of color. The huge transformation they go through profoundly inspires me. I guess that’s my idea of creativity and art… I’ve learned that it’s not perfection, but rather allowing something to show it’s innate beauty… even a piece of paper and ink.
  • Relationships, charity, and love. I love knowing that we are not alone. We often meet people who can shape us, support us, teach us and laugh with us.  We bring our own individual set of experiences and viewpoints and share them with one another. How refreshing to know we are not alone! I have had to, literally, lean on several people, when I could not breath or move my muscles. I know the power of love, care, and friendship.  I pray I will continue to value the great people in my life and have the excitement of meeting new friends!


A photo I took in California, with my first SLR camera, 2015.

What I love:

  • Food! Specifically… French Fries!
  • Sunsets… especially on the beach!
  • Being a mother and wife
  • Being outside, in the sun! Yes, I wear sunscreen!
  • Having fun each day!
  • Crafting with friends.  🙂
  • Teaching someone a new skill.
  • Learning life lessons

Now you know me!  My next few posts will be about my story of becoming a Stampin Up Demonstrator.

I will be sure to start posting photos of my very first projects. We ALL start as BEGINNERS at one point!

You may chuckle at my first projects (I love healthy laughter!), but I know those first projects were fun and I was excited to start! I love to see how I have progressed!

I hope you can gain confidence to start creating and to live with hope during a life struggle.


See you in my next post!