The grass is green, the trees have blossomed and the flowers are magnificent! Spring has come and growth has followed. Now in summer, we get t0 enjoy lots of green. I love to smell the freshness in the air, see the beauty of each crisp leaf, and really take it all in.  Summer is my favorite, but symbolically Spring holds the most awe-inspiring hidden treasures. It’s a symbol of renewal!

I am drawn to nature, both outside and in my stamping.  I love the sight of cherry blossoms, they are stunning in their white or pink contrast against the dirt, branches, and sky!  I love the deep vibrant green that reminds me that all wounds can heal, to become new.  I want to talk about hope and healing today!

Are you like me, and sometimes your days just blur? In any given moment, you realize you are surrounded by a deep fog of T0-Do Lists? There’s so many things to do… so little time.  It’s easy to see the list of things to be done and not list all the beauty that surrounds us. In the same way, isn’t it far to easy to see the imperfections of those we love, instead of their amazing qualities. It’s natural to get lost in our lives.

“I am beginning to understand, that what we seek in life, we will find. Do you look for hope and love?”

Blossoms- blue sky

I am beginning to understand, that what we seek in life, we will find. Do you look for imperfections or do we stop and sincerely smell the roses?!  I will take this moment to smell the roses! To have hope, to wish for something more, to really heal.  I don’t need anything profound, although it may sound like this as you read!!

I want to choose beauty, see the best in others, take time to do what matters, and to heal!

I had many opportunities to heal in various ways… physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. All healing is hard.  It takes time and patience.  Sometimes, I don’t allow myself much of either of those!

Flower Shiloutte-sunset CALI (1)

I have a chronic illness that I deal with daily.  I get easily worn and need to pace myself. To find the perfect balance of rest and stretching, has proven difficult. I need help often, this can be humbling! I have a 2 year old son who I love dearly! I have needed help to attend to his needs, as my own were diminished. For anyone who has a chronic illness, you know what it is to lean on someone consistently and to wake up each day knowing what you face. I either have hope or despair.  Both of these emotions are very normal in all of our lives, however; which do we allow to grow within us and which do we just let fade away?  This is where I have learned to consciously choose hope!  To let the despair and tears fall and pick myself up. This is one reason I am inspired so much by nature. It naturally runs it’s course.  What a fabulous teacher!  It lives vibrantly… full of life, then it’s begins to decay, it then hibernates in the cold, and later it springs back to life. It is truly an example of hope and growth.

“Choose hope today… let life run it’s course… but choose to believe that there IS LIGHT and HAPPINESS through the trials you face.”

My plea for you today is– Choose hope today… let life run it’s course… but choose to believe that there is light and happiness through the trials you face. You can do it! The hard times will make you stronger.  This is a daily lesson for me!  Thank you for letting me express it. Please leave any comments you have about the topic.  I will further cover all types of healing in my later posts.  Have a wonderful week!

Easter Card

I am behind on posting my Easter Card,

but I want to share it anyways! Enjoy!


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