About me

my bday at Park

Hello!  My name is Tricia Sarell Williams, I am originally from Colorado. I currently live in Utah with my husband & my son.  I love to craft, stamp, build friendships and spend time in the sun! I have been stamping for 4-1/2 years and love every second of it!  My hobbies are painting, drawing, designing, photography, being active, running, eating, and paper crafting. My favorite color is any shade of a blue-green, such as Sea foam– I guess it reminds me of the tranquility of the ocean! I have worked as a Life Guard and a Nurse.  I have taken numerous advanced art classes. I aspire to help you build your confidence to develop a new set of skills and techniques to craft and create.  I know you can do it and I hope it brings you the peace, friendships, and fun that it’s brought me!

2015-Conner & our legsMy family- Conner is 3 years old and loves anything to do with water (like momma) and he loves to explore. He cracks me up.

Family Photo- mtnsMy husband, Dan Williams, is a rock-star and I am a lucky gal! He owns his own Mortgage Company… Way to go baby! We have been in love for what seems like forever!