Post-surgery update!

Time for an UPDATE!

I am doing amazing after my Lower Back, Spinal Fusion.

To fill you all in, I had emergency surgery at 12 weeks pregnant.

Since that time, we’ve found out our baby’s GENDER!

Want to know?!

Here’s how we revealed it!




A gorgeous layered cake, what’s inside?


The cake was divine. Thanks Abbey, our masterful baker!


Each guest put their bet on the gender board,

so the excitement in the room thickened as we cut the cake!



Can you spot the color of the cake yet?!

Keep looking!




See how beautiful this cake is!


We took a family photo to remember this moment.

(I didn’t plan wearing pink and my hubby wearing blue but odd enough that was our guesses!)

We wanted to have a boy and a girl, so we are overjoyed!!!

I had a strong feeling this baby was a girl!  I have had way more nausea, the babies sitting higher in my belly and

I’ve had completely different cravings. Instead of meat, I want oranges!


Being a card designer, I made a card about this cute baby jumping into our lives.

I will use it for a baby shower I am throwing with a good friend! You may get one in the mail!

Our baby girl is due mid-June (be prepared for minimal blogging in June!).


Her name will be SARELL– after Sara! 

It’s the name of my dear grandmother and my middle name!


So now you’ve been on our exciting journey of discovering our baby girl’s gender! It’s been a dream, just like my card implies!

If you are still reading, I’d like to share my recent surgery story. I’ve been asked to share updates. I will not disappoint!

As you may know, I’ve struggled with some scary symptoms in my legs, hips and back for sometime. My legs and feet would go numb, tingle, and grow weak. My hips hurt and my spine would curve in odd ways. My back had become stiff and spasmed often. My legs were my most persistent problem. I often could barely move them & I’d find myself confined to bed consistently. One night, I ran from bed at the sweet sound of my son knocking on our door, as I ran, my legs just stopped moving mid-air and I collapsed to the floor.  Embarrassing! This is when I decided it was time to get serious.  No more kindly suggesting I had a problem with my back and legs, I needed to be seen by the right doctors. Some suggested I could have a serious progressive disease, SCARY!  In fact, the first test done was a MRI of my brain for Multiple Sclerosis.  This process started about a year before we got pregnant.  It took so long to get into a neurologist that I was PREGGERS and they didn’t want to do the MRI of my spine. “WHY COULDN’T A DR. HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE?!” I admittedly screamed in my head often!

“Hope is on the horizon!”


Haha… I laugh at the process now!  In the end, it all worked out, but at the time, it tested my patience!  I faithfully did PT for 3 1/2 weeks and the sciatica pain only worsened… when I say worsened, I mean it was unbearable, the worst pain I have ever felt. I pride myself in my excellent pain tolerance and I’ve had several injuries and health struggles but this…. this was a whole new MONSTER of pain! It burned, it felt like my joints and muscles were being torn from the bone. I could not sit, stand, lay or walk for long.  I had to consistently change positions… what did this mean?! The pregnant lady was getting nearly zero sleep and was starting to go crazy!  I have run half marathons and raced my guts out (not literally, but close)!  This was like running at full sprint for a marathon.  I was exhausted and it burned!  Every doctor told me to go to the ER, so what did I do? I went to the ER… long story short, I got an MRI, they found a MONSTER herniated disc on my L4-L5 spine.  Yep, it all makes sense!  They operated the next day because my nerve was under immense stress from the herniation.  The hope was to avoid permanent nerve damage.  While in surgery, they discovered it was even worse!  My ligaments were torn from my vertebrae in one spot, this meant my bone was sliding around and I imagine it pinched on that nerve, who knows  how long!  CRAZY!  So no MS, no more pain and I am healing beautifullyI feel so blessed.  My foot and leg are almost back to full functioning and the feeling is almost normal.  MIRACLES!  I now see how being patient and thinking positive can help any situation. It didn’t make it go by faster, but it’s nice to know there was an end.  I’m not sure what trials you face, but please keep going. Don’t give up!  I believe it always gets better.  There will be bits of heaven to help you out and hope is on the horizon. It’s been over 10 years of this trial for me, I am so happy to see it ending! Please share your stories and thoughts on my Facebook site, Color Me Crazy, I sure appreciate you all and thanks for visiting!
















I am BACK!

Hello fellow friends and stampers!

I am back! I am recovering from an emergency back surgery, while still being Pregnant! So fun!


How would you like to see a video all about MAN CARDS?!

Great, I will show you a super fast card, how to step it up quickly, and share some other sample ideas.

Check out my video!