It’s here… The holiday season! 

However you celebrate, celebrate it with me because I LOVE Christmas!

I love the snow, the lights, the decorations, the peace, and focusing on helping others in need.


Here’s a few cards I’ve worked on!  

Stay tuned for some more Holiday MAGIC!





I wish you a BRIGHT and FABULOUS holiday season with your loved ones!

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  Best Buds, Conner and his Cousin Jack! 


What would we do without some amazing friends? 

Friendship brings support, fun, purpose, strength, and charity to our lives!  I couldn’t help myself, I had to share these adorable photos of my son, Conner and his older Cousin, Jack.  Look at their body language, Conner sits near his friend as they explore the lake.  The next photo shows them almost holding hands as they walk side by side. These two are best buds. You can tell they like to be together! It’s hilarious to watch them interact.  Children are such good examples of what true friendship should be about, it’s not elaborate, it’s not based on what the other kid is wearing, it’s simple, or maybe depends on the toy they are holding!! LOL!  When I see young children form bonds, I see them protect and care for one another,  laugh and play together and teach each other.

In fact, I watched these two interact at a family dinner, recently.  We were outside on a two story, high balcony.  Jack being a bit older is Conner’s protector!  Conner, being a daredevil, tried to climb the railing and Jack ran over with adult-like concern, a crinkled nose and a stern voice and says “No, Conner, it’s not safe!” Conner reluctantly looked at Jack and climbed down to the ground safety.  Jack looked pleased with himself since he knew he helped Conner, and rightly so… he showed care, concern and love for his friend!  I was never fearful in this situation, but I sure laughed a ton, on the inside!! How cute! It’s amazing to see someone help and care for another person.  I feel it’s so important to look outside ourselves to see how we can help others.

When we look out for someone else we lend healing to them and ourselves. We grow! Try to find ways to help each other out, we are all struggling in some way.


My Best Friends!


I’ve had countless friends, some have stayed forever and some have come and gone, but each one has made a mark on me.  With some friends I couldn’t stop belly laughing, even so hard I was rolling on the floor, other friends have given me strength and lent an sincere ear.  Others have inspired me to be better.  Some simply said a kind word in just the right moment.  All of my friends have touched me.  Look for the ways people lend you friendship and thank them!  Once you notice what others do for you daily, you will be set-up to become an even better friend yourself.  I don’t believe we were meant to suffer alone, we are meant to heal, uplift, and enjoy each others company.


Don’t suffer alone.  People have and will be planted into our lives, notice them, thank them and strive to love them back! These are our friends. That is what matters.


May you find the simple and pure friendship that we see our Children so easy form.  I hope it brings you peace to know we are meant to help one another.  I am grateful for all my dear friends, if you are one, thank you!  A huge goal in my life is to be better each day.  Looking out for others, such as saying a kind word or giving a well deserved hug will make a difference and will make you stronger! 

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