I just turned 34!

Happy Birthday to ME!


It’s TRUE, I am a year older and hopefully wiser!  My birthday was a blast except for getting the stomach flu.  The highlight of my birthday came from my husband. He surprised me with a brand new video set-up to film my videos!!! When I walked into my craft room I was like a giddy little girl, I even let out a squeal!  LOL!  Do you want to see some of my videos? Stayed tuned and I will post those soon! I want to post a mini movie/tutorial once a month on Mondays. “Mini Movie Monday”... that’s what I will call it, how do you like it?!

Another HUGE birthday highlight was spending the day with The Queens, yes we are called the Queens!  Who are we?  I promised we don’t dress up in gowns and crowns (although that would be awesome!)  We are a large group of Demonstrators who get together for fun, learning, new ideas, friendships and inspiration. We make projects, see Demonstrations, and hear from experienced Demos on how to improve our business and art skills. I am new to the group, it’s odd how I feel like I’ve always been a part of the group! You know the feeling of when you return from an awesome trip to Disneyland you instantly want to watch every Disney movie known to man! That’s how I feel after these events, I want to make every project I can!  I love being pumped to stamp and motivated to do better.


Well long story short… I was asked to Demonstrate at this event… I was so nervous.  There was so many wonderful stampers listening to me! They gave me one stamp set (Frosted Medallions), and some accessories to make 10-14 projects and show everyone my ideas.  I wore a microphone, which I am sure I yelled into, hey what do you expect, I was stoked… I think they could hear that!  They put me up on the big screen, so glad I did my hair that day! I even did a little dance for everyone! While it was scary, I was so flattered to Demonstrate.

I featured a spinner card and a shaker card.  If you’ve never made or received one of these cards, you HAVE GOT to do it.  It’s hilarious and so much fun!

Do you want to see my projects?  I will show you!

dsc_0367dsc_0377dsc_0177dsc_0164 dsc_0506 dsc_0443 dsc_0382 dsc_0428 dsc_0156 dsc_0388 dsc_0384

THE END! Oh my!