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I am a total beach bum, meaning I adore the ocean!  I grew up in Colorado and now live in Utah, both are homes of the most beautiful mountains… no oceans here.  I still and will always have my heart at the beach, even though I don’t get to visit often!  This card is cased, or inspired by, butterdishdesigns.comDSC_9989

Do you want to learn how to Emboss Resist and Watercolor with ink pads, you came to the right place! Check out my video below.  It’s pretty fun, I hope you enjoy it, and learn something new.


Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Without further ado… here’s the video

The adventure of a life time!


Photo taken by Carrie Fox, www.carrielashellephotography.

When you think of adventure… do you think of pirates traveling the troubled sea, Indiana Jones discovering a lost treasure, or the thrill of an explorer visiting a new land for the first time?  I know my mind wanders to all sorts of places when I think of adventures.  I am a bit of a dreamer!!!  I love ADVENTURE!  I have been lucky to have one of the greatest adventures of all… This adventure is worth it’s weight in gold, it can’t be replaced and it has the potential to last forever! What’s the adventure?  Good question, I will let you in on a secret, one of my prized adventures is my family!  Oh yes, I cherish them!  They make me smile daily!  They give me purpose. I mean how cool is it that we get to explore this life full of adventures together.  I find adventure when me and my little boy explore what happens when you the point the hose at your face or each other!  When Conner first stood on his feet, felt the softness of the sand, or the trill of splashing in water, it was extraordinary to witness his joy! My husband and I find adventure when we strap our helmets to race on our bikes, when we go swimming at the beach, or we tease each other. What an adventure!

DSC_9749Dan has been in my life for 6 years now and we just celebrated our 5th year Anniversary! I treasure every moment I have with him. It’s not always easy but we love each other. I know I can depend on him. We have teamed up to be ready for any trial. We always find time to laugh and be together!  In some ways, I am facing some of my hardest trials but I get to do it with someone I love, and he supports me completely!  Life couldn’t be better!DSC_9872


I had a blast making my hubby these cards for our Anniversary!!!  I made two because I was so in the zone and really wanted to make one he loved!  Dan keeps all of my cards and I hope to Scrap them into one big LOVE BOOK someday!  Easy way to save love notes! 

What’s your idea of Adventure?  Please share it with us! 

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Sympathy Cards

Welcome back.

Want to see my latest creation?!

Oops, I am behind in my posting… our computer broke and I have a cute 2 year old that doesn’t think he needs sleep.  Regardless of sleep deprivation, card making must go on!!!




I used two stamp sets:

  1. Gift of Love- flower.
  2. Flourishing Phrases

The Gift of Love Set is awesome!

It’s a two step stamping set, meaning you use several stamps to layer on top of each other. It’s best for these stamps to be made of Photopolymer, making it easy to see where to layer the stamps. This set instantly gives a professional watercolor look with very little effort.  My stamp buffet attendees just ate this card right up!!!

To re-create this card first stamp the flower’s outline in black.  Next, stamp the leaves in Cucumber Crush or Emerald Green.   Last, stamp the Flower in Daffodil Delight or Peekaboo Peach, make sure the top flower lines up between the two leaves. I used Washi tape on each vertical side of the white CS. I used Playful Palette Washi tape and another one that is retired… sorry I couldn’t resist!  It was just perfect. I popped up the saying with Dimensionals.

Sadly, there’s been requests for Sympathy cards lately. While that makes me sad, I am glad to spread love and support.  If you need a Sympathy card soon or to store, I hope this inspires you to share your concern with a beautiful card.

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