My Beginning…

Welcome Back!

I am excited to show you my beginning as a Stampin Up Crafter!  We all start somewhere, right?!

I want you to feel confident to just begin… add the first building blocks one at a time.  There’s no reason to feel like you need to be a pro from the start.  Simply decide to have the courage to jump in, get your hands inked and have fun discovering something new! All it takes is one act of progression at a time. Here’s a wonderful quote by Vincent Van Gogh, you may have heard of him! It motivated me to start simple:

Great Things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together.

My neighbor introduced me to Stampin Up… I was intrigued by it… even fascinated and curious.  So I decided to watch several YouTube Videos from other Demonstrators to learn.  I watched Brandy Cox, Dawn Griffith, and looked at the Artisan Blogs… one of my favorites is Nutmeg Creations and Stampin Dolce.  All of these amazing Stampers helped me learn and build my confidence. I appreciate the kind and caring culture Stampin Up offers.  Many of us just want to help each other learn and grow. Please email me your work… I’d love to cheer you on!

So, without further ado… here’s some of my first projects stamping! I will show my beginning down to my current work to illustrate the growth that occurs as we take courage, bit by bit to learn.


My first creations! Aug 28th, 2013


First birthday card! Wow!


I made this handwoven jewelry & designed the matching box. April 10th, 2014

IMG_5686 IMG_6059

One of my favorite types of cards to make–Baby Shower! May 20th, 2014


Welcome to the neighborhood card. Such a fun card to make and color. Aug 27th, 2014


A birthday card to a friend, one of my favorites. Sept 26th, 2014


A Christmas card to my special husband.  Dec, 25th 2014


My first card class… taught the Bokeh technique. June 17th, 2015

DSC_7709 DSC_4420 DSC_3843

My second class… called “Emboss Away”. Such a blast to make these gorgeous cards! June 20th, 2015


This class was all about butterflys, which is cut using the BigShot Machine.  July 7th, 2015


Gift Wrapping Class. This flower is so easy to make! Sept 18th, 2015


This is another personal Favorite… designed by Anghela Jensen.



I had a blast designing these fun cards. I made 39 copies of the rose card for a group swap. Feb 20th, 2016

DSC_7804 DSC_7769

I recently started a new class style, card buffet.  It’s fast & full of choices! March 24th, 2016

I am inspired to see that my crafting and photography skills keep blossoming. We all can keep learning more. I want to help you achieve and have a blast at the same time!  You will do it.

I can’t believe I have been stamping for about 3-1/2 years now and I love it!  I recently heard someone say that Stampin Up and paper crafting is cheaper than paying for therapy… I laughed out loud and than thought, that’s how I feel. Creating has been so relaxing and rewarding for me. Being able to design something new & giving someone a handmade, heart-felt gift, is so rewarding. Do you remember a time when someone touched you with a home made gift? These simple acts of kindness matter to each of us. My hope is that we will do these little things for one another more often.  It’s meant a lot to me when someone has done a basic, yet sincere act of charity for me!

At a recent Conference for Stampin up, I heard a simple yet substantial quote. This quote instantly came alive as I read it… It rang true in my heart as I searched to see how pivotal crafting has become in my life.

Now more than ever, people need to do more of what makes them happy.  And I truly believe that everyone needs a creative outlet.

-Winoha Semler, Canada

Find your creative outlet and if it so happens to be Stamping, like it is for me, please come back to see my posts.  I will even have video tutorials, class kits you can buy and make at home, and I hope to have a positive influence on your day, weather it is small or not!  Thanks for supporting me. I ‘d love to hear from you… send an email!

See you in my next post.